Research & Development

Innovation is the key for growth of both company and relationship with the customer. Listening and implementing specific wishes of our client into our newly developed products are our R&D department key competences.

Van Dam has made sustainable research and development a core element in its activities and we are gratified to see this commitment recognised and valued by our customers and business partners.

Our dedicated Research and Development team constantly improves and updates the Van Dam products and certifications to the latest requirements.

  • Testing and certification.
  • Product Development.
  • Support to Project & Engineering department.
  • Blast calculations/Calculating extra stiffening for Blast doors and walls.
  • Blast Certification
  • Rules and regulation studies (SOLAS, NORSOK etc).
  • Acoustic optimization and certification.
  • Gas tightness certification.
  • Weather tightness certification.
  • Certification for oversized doors and special designs.

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