Spare parts

Spare parts are a very important item in supplying doors, as international rules and regulations tell us that the spare parts need to be ordered at the manufacturer of the door installed.

Reason for this is that the spare parts often are tested along with the door during certification type approvals. Therefore main parts as latches, panic bars etc, need to be provided by the manufacturer of the door. Van Dam spare parts are kept in stock for 30 years for each type of door.

We have selected a range of accessories which allows you to choose the best arrangement for the purpose of the door. Most of the standard accessories are carefully selected from the market, whereas most of the special and stainless steel accessories are designed and manufactured in our own workshops. All accessories on the download pages have been coded and the door types for which they are applicable are mentioned. Replacement accessories can be ordered by using these reference codes. Please mention in these cases clearly that they are meant for replacement. If you have any questions about the parts contact us.

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