Cladding Systems

Heat & Wind Shield Cladding

The Van Dam Heat & Wind Shield Cladding is a fully bolted, heavy-duty, lightweight wall system. Van Dam is able to optimize the design of the wall system, which results in customized solutions and flexible designs with regard to wall depth, material thickness and weight.

Van Dam provides lightweight corrugated heat and windshield cladding, which provides protection against wind and heat radiation reduction up to 94%. In order to meet the project requirements, the heat and windshield panels can be perforated. The heat and windshield cladding can be supplied Stainless Steel 316L.

  • Weight saving
  • Cost saving (30% – 40%)
  • Fast installation time
  • 100%  bolted system
  • No hot work involved with installation (suitable for offshore)
  • Easy maintenance in case of damage
  • No downtime production