Cladding Systems

Blast Relief Cladding

Blast relief cladding is a lightweight cladding system which relieves (opens) at a blast overpressure of 0.05 bar in 20 ms. The fixings will straighten up, causing the panels to open and thus vent the explosion pressure.

  • Metal skin, Plastisol or s.s.
  • Blast relief mechanism
  • Rail
  • Supports by others Optional: gastight type

The Van Dam Blast Relief Cladding is a fully bolted, heavy-duty, lightweight wall system. Van Dam is able to design the cladding in order to meet several blast relief pressures and opening times.

  • Weight saving
  • Cost saving (30% – 40%)
  • Fast installation time
  • 100% bolted system
  • No hot work involved with installation (suitable for offshore)
  • Easy maintenance in case of damage
  • No downtime production


Type approval by Lloyd’s Register, ABS and USCG.
Alternative certification authorities (project approval) available on request.