A0-A60 medium duty door


Medium duty, single leaf, hinged, weather and gastight A60 fire & blast rated light weight door. For internal on- and offshore use, and external onshore for containerized projects or modular buildings.

  • Medium Duty design with lifespan up to 15 years.
  • Low opening force guaranteed due to light weight door leaf, adjustable hinges.
  • Seals constructed on the door leaf door for extension of the lifespan of the seals.
  • With use of rounded corners, a very low air leakage can be obtained.
  • Low maintenance costs, easy inspection.
  • Fast accessories installation / replacement.
  • Sandwich door leaf concept is capable of low weight, high stiffness and good thermal values.
  • Good corrosion sustainability.


Type approval by Lloyd’s Register, ABS and USCG.
Alternative certification authorities (project approval) available on request.

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