Pneumatically operated doors

In order to meet the demanding NORSOK regulations (with respect to opening forces), the doors can be equipped with a pneumatic system. Van Dam can supply a full Stainless Steel 316L pneumatic system including all components located inside the control box.  No additional electrical items are required for the pneumatic door drive to operate.

The drive system is equipped with a patented fire safety valve in order to prevent the door from opening during a fire. Air bottles (20 liters) are installed and used to operate the door in case of an emergency and if there is no air supply the air bottles will have sufficient air to make at least four opening/closing cycles of the door. Should more opening/closing cycles be required, additional air bottles can be installed to meet the requirements. On both sides of the door, a push/pull override valve is located which can vent the system (air will be released), which makes it possible to operate the doors manually.

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