Infra & Defense

Infra & Defense is a very specialized market Van Dam operates in.

For Infra we are specialized in engineering and fabrication of tunnel doors, which in a tunnel have to resist a shockwave created by the trains or metro’s, thus being very special in its design.

Doors for the Defense Industry are subject to government requirements to which we hardly can’t give too much details as this is top secret and very confidential. But mainly we supply very specific blast doors which can withstand 10 Bar of static pressure in an immense short impulse time of 2 ms.

For the Infra & Defense industry we are specialized in:

  • Escape, access, security & safety door and hatch solutions for high demanding and often life saving applications.
  • Solutions for infrastructure, naval and maritime applications.
  • Watertight doors and hatches.
  • Explosion resistant doors and hatches (up to 1000 kPa step load).
  • Fire rated doors and hatches (sliding and hinged).
  • Operated manually, hydraulically, pneumatically or electro-powered.
  • Other custom engineered products and solutions.

Focus on R&D and engineering using experience gained from our Infra & Defense activities.
Typical applications are Frigates, Corvettes, Destroyers, Amphibious Ships, Aircraft carriers and Guided Missile Cruisers.