Maintenance & Repair

For a safe and durable operation of your living quarter, accommodation, or just a door we offer a 24/7 maintenance service. Besides maintenance we can also assist you with refurbishments and upgrade of the architectural packages to keep assets in a well maintained condition. Our experienced and dedicated crew of Van Dam Maintenance & Repair has a long track record in many refurbishment- and upgrade projects. Either onshore, at a yard, quayside or offshore, we are there!

The main markets for Van Dam Maintenance & Repair are:

Van Dam Maintenance & Repair focuses on regional and international maintenance and repair market for the architectural business, based on the current Van Dam product portfolio and also on the maintenance and repair of living quarters, accommodations and blast resistant modules.

  • Offshore oil-, gas- and wind platforms
  • Support vessels
  • Naval vessels
  • Merchant vessels
  • Blast resistant modules
  • Tunnels

We provide a wide range of services and activities, such as surveys/advise, supervision, parts delivery, full EPC and Turn-key execution, maintenance/service agreements, offshore- and voyage repairs. We offer a flexible approach towards our customers which enables them in keeping focus on their primary process.

For all your maintenance, repair, refurbishments and upgrades of:

  • Fire- and blast doors, windows and wall systems
  • Fire-, thermal- and acoustic insulation
  • Interior bulkheads, ceilings and doors
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Wet-units
  • Wooden decks and fenders

Van Dam Maintenance & Repair is your specialized partner.

Exclusive agent for CBG Systems

Van Dam Maintenance & Repair is the exclusive sales agent and installer of the CBG Systems products in Europe.

CBG Systems offer a range of advanced structural fire protection (SFP) systems specifically designed for weight sensitive High Speed Craft (HSC). Over the years CBG Systems has developed unique panelized structural fire protection systems which offer superior performance and reduced weight.

With Van Dam Maintenance & Repair the products of CBG Systems have a European agent and installer, with the ability to maintain the systems compliance, integrity and complete life-cycle support.

For CBG Product descriptions click on this link: CBG Systems products

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